“tog_ther ! Fill in: e or a” Kunstpavillon, Munich

Jewellery exhibitions are often presented in sterile glass cabinets. This leads to a distance between object and viewer and limits the freedom, which could develop in this sensual encounter, to small showcases. At the exhibition tog_ther !, curated by Gisbert Stach and Rose Stach, this is different. Here, the motto is: chairs instead of showcases! Twenty international author jewellery artists gather with their extraordinary objects to enter into a fascinating dialogue with strongly individualistic seats, from weight bench to sandbag wall.

Christoph Zellweger from Switzerland, for example, presents an interactive chair with a potency enhancing effect, while the droopy silhouette of a male figure with the ironic title Self-portrait has been captured in a stool by the artist Arek Wolski from Warsaw.

Two female artists from Budapest play with cheap pretence and reality. Emese Benczúr forms the words “LET IT SHINE” on a rainbow-coloured surface using ear studs, while Réka Lörincz presents grooming gloves with enticingly glittering golden nails on a lavatory lid in her piece of art titled Woman at Work.

David Bielander, a native of Basel now living in Munich, even transforms the chair itself into a jewellery object by removing elements of the curved armrest of a Thonet chair and shaping them into sausage necklaces, explaining that the sausages had always been present in these chairs and he has now “set them free”!

Peter Bauhuis,  Emese Benczúr,  David Bielander,  Florian Buddeberg,  Shirin Damerji,  Anna Eichlinger,  Susanne Elstner,  Sławomir Fijałkowski,  Christiane Förster,  Réka Lörincz, Daniel Michel,  Anna Moll,  Pavol Prekop,  Nicola Scholz,  Kristýna Španihelová,  Gisbert Stach,  Rose Stach,  Norman Weber,  Arek Wolski,  Christoph Zellweger

Curators: Gisbert Stach & Rose Stach
Location:   Kunstpavillon, Alter Botanischer Garten (Old Botanical Garden) near Stachus, Sophienstrasse 7a, 80333 Munich
Exhibition period:   March 8 – 12, 2017
Special opening hours:   Wed. March 8 – Sat. March 11, 2017, 11am – 7pm, Sun. March 12, 11am – 5pm

If you have any further questions on the exhibition, please contact:

Gisbert Stach    +49 152 01911151   gisbertstach@web.de

Rose Stach       +49 152 33575285    rosestach@web.de

Phone:    +49 (0)89-59 73 59
Email:      kontakt@kunstpavillon.org
Web:   www.kunstpavillon.org